About Us

The fruit of an idea of Massimo Spada, a businessman from Milan who fell in love with Sicily, Spada Transfer in Sicily was established in Palermo in 2007 for the sole purpose of assisting those who needed to move quickly without using their cars to reach the Falcone & Borsellino Airport. Then, the need of increasingly more people to move around the city without having to look for parking spots that are becoming more and more difficult to find and perhaps far from the place of interest, using, where possible, a paid pass for limited traffic areas, has encouraged us to broaden the range of our services also in the cities where we are present, dedicating always a greater number of different vehicles based on the needs of our clientele. We have developed safe chaperon services for children and young people both during and after school hours for afternoon activities, sports, and language courses, where parents cannot be present because they are busy at work.

Another service that we have developed in recent years is designed to help people move around the city to reach theatres in the evening or to be able to enjoy a fun and relaxing evening thanks to our escort service with our vehicles to reach restaurants, discos, parties, cinemas and theatres.

Even professionals are using increasingly our car and driver hire service for their travel needs to reach various locations around Sicily, because it is both useful and convenient to use our vehicles to reach any location in limited traffic areas, thus avoiding the annoying search for a parking space near their appointments, thus reducing the mental and physical stress of driving and being able to continue working while sitting comfortably in the car or to relax a few moments. And precisely this continuous demand has led us to develop and expand our offering in this field, including convenient discounted subscriptions that allow deducting the entire cost of the trip from taxes. Over the years, many of our customers have opened hotels and tourist businesses in Sicily and we have given them the opportunity to offer their customers personalised excursions and tours to a number of locations in Sicily, applying innovative carpooling solutions among different hotels and accommodation facilities, which has proven to be an advanced idea in step with the times for low-cost tourism with a low environmental impact. In some cases, we are directly involved in the organisation and promotion of hospitality facilities.

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